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Hangzhou Magnet Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Magnet Power Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, where there are dynamic economy and most convenient transportation. There are Shanghai port and Ningbo port around Magnet Power. Magnet Power was established by the magnetic material expert group of Chinese Academy of Science. Our company has 2 Doctors, 4 Masters.
On the strength of abundant capacity of scientific research, Magnet Power has achieved many patents for invention on rare earth permanent material and put them into production, which makes more possibilities for customized needs.

We are committed to solving engineered problems for customers with professional knowledge of magnetism and materials, and developing magnets and magnetic assemblies with higher performance, lower cost, and more in line with customer requirements.

Magnet Power is devoted to developing, producing and selling high performance, cost-effective rare earth magnets and magnetic assemblies. At present, Magnet Power can massively produce normal NdFeb magnets, GBD NdFeb magnets, SmCo magnets and their assemblies as well as rotors used for high speed motors. Magnet Power has the capacities of producing SmCo5 Series, H series Sm2Co17, T series Sm2Co17 and L series Sm2Co17, see more.

Why Choose Us


Hi-Tech Manufacturing Equipment

Magnet Power has state-of-the-art production and testing equipments that provides a solid foundation for producing high-performance magnets.

Research and development

Strong R&D Strength

With more than ten skilled engineers and supports from Chinese Academy of Science, Magnet Power has powerful R&D Strength. We have professional magnetic circuit simulation capabilities and can provide customers with a variety of magnetic circuit designs.


Strict Quality Control

1)Magnet Power buys rare earth materials from China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech Co., Ltd. and China Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd. to grantee the quality of material ;
2)Controlling micro-structure of rare earth is fundamentally important for manufacturing high-performance. Magnet Power has practiced experts to realize that.
3)Magnet Power has advanced testing equipments and high-competency testing staffs to make sure every single magnet qualified before delivery.


Quality Certification

Magnet Power has gained certificates of ISO9001, IATF 16949 and High-tech enterprise certification, as well as postdoctoral workstation authorization from the government of Zhejiang province, which makes us to provide better service for our customers.
Magnet Power is standing by to welcome all the friends around the world to visit our company, to be our partners.

Millstone & Plan

Unifying corporate values customer-centric striver based


Company established, selected for Hangzhou High-Level Talent entrepreneurship program.

2020. Aug

SmCo and NdFeB production site set-up

2020. Dec

Magnetic Assembly started production.

2021. Jan

Step into CRH business, traction motor magnet started production.

2021. May

Step into Automotive industry, NEV driving motor magnet started production.

2021. Sep

Finished IATF16949 Audit, will get the certification on 2022Q2.

2022. Feb

National High-tech company and Postdoctoral Workstation project kick-off.

Enterprise Culture

Unifying corporate values customer-centric striver based

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Welcome To The Consultation And Cooperation!

After the 1960s, three generations of rare earth permanent magnetic materials came out one after another.
The first generation of rare earth permanent magnetic materials is represented by 1:5 SmCo alloy, the second generation of rare earth permanent magnetic materials is represented by 2:17 series SmCo alloy, and the third generation of rare earth permanent magnetic materials is represented by NdFeB alloy.

Magnet Power can provide three kinds of rare earth permanent magnet materials and their assemblies. Welcome to Magnet Power!

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