NdFeB Magnet

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NdFeB permanent magnet material is currently the highest performance permanent magnet material at room temperature. The NdFeB magnets developed by the Magnet Power team have been applied in many fields. Our understanding of the application of NdFeB allows us to calculate and design the most reasonable solution. The successful development of grain boundary diffusion technology has enabled us to produce NdFeB products with high performance (BH)max+Hcj ≥ 75, and achieved a substantial cost reduction.

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NdFeB products developed, produced and sold by Magnet Power are shown as follows:

Magnet 1: Conventional alloy process NdFeB

Magnet 2: Grain boundary diffusion NdFeB


Magnetic Properties of Sintered NdFeB


Types of Magnetization

Shape Magnetization Direction
Block  ajblu-jlanv-001__1_-removebg-preview (1) length
   a5erv-vc4gx-001-removebg-preview Height
 Disc /ring/cylindrical  aegl8-7e0x9-001 Axial
arjrn-7ydv2-001-removebg-preview Diametral
atglr-v66c7-001 Axial
 aa8yb-k7eo1-001-removebg-preview (1) Diametral
Tile  Snipaste_2023-01-10_10-25-56-removebg-preview (12) Diametral
 Snipaste_2023-01-10_10-41-18-removebg-preview2 Width direction

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