Magnet Power attend the fair of The 21st Shenzhen(China)International Small Motor,Electric Machinery & Magnetic Materials Exhibition

Magnet Power was invited to participate the 21st Shenzhen(China)International Small Motor,Electric Machinery & Magnetic Materials Exhibition from May 10th to 12th in 2023.

For the first time of this year,Magnet Power showed up on exhibition. The leadership of Magnet Power took it very seriously.The General Manager, Dr Mao and the Vice General Manager, Zeng xuduo leaded our team to this exhibition.


For this exhibition,Magnet Power did great preparation, carrying a new arrival product: an integral molding SmCo magnet . Main performance indicators of this magnet are as below:  D90*180, Br10.8-11.0kGs,Hcb 9.9-10.6kOe, Hcj 25kOe,and bending strength  152.3MPA.This kind of magnet has been put into mass production. No other company in the industry can make such a large piece of magnet.Many counterparts of magnet and clients on this  exhibition were surrounding  this magnet and gave their praise during the whole exhibition.

On this show,we also had our essential magnet assembly,a high speed rotor,this product attracted lots of clients to inquire. The rotation speed of this rotor is between 40,000 RPM and 100,000 RPM. For this rotor, using anti high temperature alloy GH4169 sleeve and other components, integral molding SmCo magnet, Magnet Power Team specialized in Shrink Fit Technology for matching process.


And a crowd of clients gathered in front of an original creation of Magnet Power, an anti-eddy current assembly.With temperature increment of NdFeB 48UH magnet is less than 50℃,electric resistivity can decrease significantly to improve Motor performance.

On this exhibition,we had showed normal SmCo,  NeFeB  segments,rings,blocks and many other shape of products.

All in all ,Magnet Power displayed products with core competence and new process methods. And we got clients and counterparts’ approval. Magnet Power will keep forwarding , and we will make more efforts on exploring and producing to meet the needs of our clients.

Post time: Oct-10-2023