Hangzhou Magnet Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a rare earth permanent magnet (REPM) technology company founded by a professional doctoral team from Chinese Academy of Science, who dedicate to the R&D and production of high magnetic properties REPM materials and devices.
“Magnet Power” has mastered high-performance SmCo magnets, high-performance NdFeB magnets with properties (BHmax+Hcj) >75, and magnetic device.
By melting in vacuum, we are able to produce alloys of highest purity on the basis of Nd,Fe, Sm,Co and other metals. Our ability to meet the composition and all further processing steps including specific heat treatments according to our exclusive technologies enables us to design alloys with unique properties for specific customer needs.
Magnet Power is committed to consistently providing world class quality products and service to our customers.  As a leading magnet supplier and trusted partner, we are dedicated to engineering solutions together with our customers.

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