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There are some special characteristics for the application of rare earth permanent magnets.  First, to achieve the set magnetic effect, it is necessary to design a reasonable magnetic circuit and assemble the magnets.  Second, permanent magnet materials are difficult to machine into various complex shapes, and secondary machining is often required for assembly.  Third, it is necessary to consider various factors such as the strong magnetic force, demagnetization, special physical properties, and coating affinity of magnet.  Therefore, assembling magnets is a challenging task.

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Magnet Power will apply extensive experience in the design of magnets for permanent motors and our know-how in the materials structure, process and properties. Our engineering team will be able to work with our customs to design suitable solutions for different applications.

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The main Assemblies developed and produced by Magnet Power are shown as follows:

Assembly 1: Rotors

Assembly 2: Halbach Assemblies

Assembly 3: High impedance eddy current series

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