Anti Eddy Current Assemblies

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Under the trend of high speed and high frequency, NdFeb and SmCo magnets have low resistivity, resulting in eddy current loss and high heat generation. At present, there is no practical solution to substantially increase the resistivity of magnets.
By increasing the resistance of the  assemblies , the Magnet Power team effectively reduced the eddy current effect, reducing heat output and reducing magnetic losses.

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Anti Eddy Current Assemblies

Product: Insulation Glue

94-95% magnet
Electrical resistance: >200MΩ


● The whole magnet is split and bonded with insulating glue, which can effectively reduces the eddy current loss in magnet, the temperature rise, the coercivity requirements and costs

● The thickness of single magnet is reduced to 1mm; The insulation layer thickness is reduced to 0.03mm

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