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The permanent magnets of the Halbach array masons with different magnetization directions are arranged according to a certain law, so that the magnetic field on one side of the permanent magnet array is significantly enhanced and the other side is significantly weakened, and it is easy to realize the spatial sinusoidal distribution of the magnetic field.

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What is Halbach array assebmby?

The annular Halbach array is a specially shaped magnet structure. Its design idea is to combine multiple magnets with the same shape and different magnetization directions into a circular ring magnet to enhance the uniformity and stability of the magnetic field on the working surface or center. sex. The permanent magnet motor using the Halbach array structure has an air gap magnetic field that is closer to a sinusoidal distribution than the traditional permanent magnet motor. When the amount of permanent magnet material is the same, the Halbach permanent magnet motor has a higher air gap magnetic density and smaller iron loss. In addition, Halbach circular array is also widely used in permanent magnetic bearings, magnetic refrigeration equipment, magnetic resonance and other equipment.


The Halbach magnet arrays offer the following advantages:

1. Powerful magnetic field: Ring-shaped Halbach magnets adopt a ring-shaped magnet design, which allows the magnetic field to be concentrated and focused throughout the entire ring structure. Compared with ordinary magnets, ring magnets can produce a higher intensity magnetic field.

2. Space saving: The ring structure of the ring Halbach magnet allows the magnetic field to loop in a closed ring path, thereby reducing the space occupied by the magnet. This makes ring magnets more convenient to install and use in some situations.

3. Uniform magnetic field distribution: Due to the special design structure of the ring-shaped Halbach magnet, the magnetic field is distributed relatively uniformly in the circular path. This means that when using ring magnets, the intensity of the magnetic field changes relatively little, which is beneficial to improving the stability of the magnetic field.

4. Multi-polar magnetic field: The design of the ring-shaped Halbach magnet can generate multi-polar magnetic fields, allowing more complex magnetic field configurations to be achieved in specific application scenarios. This provides greater flexibility and operability for experiments and applications with special needs.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: The design materials of ring-shaped Halbeck magnets usually use materials with high energy conversion efficiency. At the same time, the waste of energy can also be reduced through reasonable design and optimization of the magnetic circuit structure, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

Under traditional technology, various types of Halbach arrays are mostly pre-magnetized and then assembled when used in applications. However, due to the changeable force directions between the permanent magnets of the Halbach permanent magnet array and the high assembly accuracy, the permanent magnets after pre-magnetization are Magnets often require special molds during assembly. The overall magnetization technology adopts the method of assembly first and then magnetization. The permanent magnets are non-magnetic during assembly, and the Halbach array can be assembled without custom molds. At the same time, the overall magnetization technology can also improve magnetization efficiency, reduce energy costs and Reducing assembly risks has broad application prospects. However, due to the technical difficulty, it is still in the exploratory stage. The mainstream of the market is still produced by pre-magnetization and then assembly.

The usage scenarios of ring-shaped Halbeck magnets 

1. Medical imaging: Ring-shaped Halbach magnets are also commonly used in medical imaging equipment, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment. This kind of magnet can generate a stable magnetic field, which is used to locate and excite the atomic nuclei in the object being detected, thereby obtaining high-resolution image information.

2. Particle accelerator: Ring-shaped Halbeck magnets can also be used in particle accelerators to guide and control the motion paths of high-energy particles. This kind of magnet can generate a powerful magnetic field to change the trajectory and speed of particles, thereby achieving particle acceleration and focusing.

3. Ring motor: Ring-shaped Halbach magnets can also be used in motor design to generate driving torque. This kind of magnet can generate different magnetic fields by changing the direction and size of the current, thereby driving the motor to rotate.

4. Laboratory research: Ring-shaped Halbach magnets are often used in physics laboratories to generate stable and uniform magnetic fields for research in magnetism, materials science, etc.

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