Magnetic Assemblies

Hangzhou Magnet Power Technology Co., LTD. produces all kinds of magnet assemblies such as rotors,anti eddy current assemblies, halbach assemblies and so on,which are widely used in automobile motors, electric tool motors, household appliances motors, brushless motors, etc., providing professional support services for well-known motor manufacturers at home and abroad.
  • Halbach Assemblies | Magnetic Assemblies | Halbach Array |Halbach permanent magnet

    Halbach Assemblies | Magnetic Assemblies | Halbach Array |Halbach permanent magnet

    The permanent magnets of the Halbach array masons with different magnetization directions are arranged according to a certain law, so that the magnetic field on one side of the permanent magnet array is significantly enhanced and the other side is significantly weakened, and it is easy to realize the spatial sinusoidal distribution of the magnetic field.

  • Magnetic Assemblies -High performance components

    Magnetic Assemblies -High performance components

    There are some special characteristics for the application of rare earth permanent magnets.  First, to achieve the set magnetic effect, it is necessary to design a reasonable magnetic circuit and assemble the magnets.  Second, permanent magnet materials are difficult to machine into various complex shapes, and secondary machining is often required for assembly.  Third, it is necessary to consider various factors such as the strong magnetic force, demagnetization, special physical properties, and coating affinity of magnet.  Therefore, assembling magnets is a challenging task.

  • High Speed Motor Rotor | Motors & Generators | Industrial Magnetic Solutions

    High Speed Motor Rotor | Motors & Generators | Industrial Magnetic Solutions

    High speed motor is usually defined as motors whose rotate speed surpasses 10000r/min. Due to its high rotate speed, smaller size, connected directly with prime motor,no deceleration mechanism,small moment of inertia, etc., the high speed motor has merits of high power density,high transmission efficiency, lower nise,economy of materials,fast&dynamic response and so on.

    The high speed motor is widely applied for the following fields:
    ● Centrifugal compressor in air conditioner or refrigerator;
    ● Hybrid electric vehicle,aerospace,ships;
    ● Emergency power supply for critical facilities;
    ● Independent power or small power station;

    High speed motor rotor, as the heart of the high speed motor, whose good quality determines the performance of high speed motor.Looking to the future, Magnet Power has spent a great deal of manpower and material resources to build a assembly line of high speed motor rotor to provide customerized sevvice. With skilled engineers&techinitians, Magnet Power can manufacture massive diffrent kinds of high speed motor rotors to meet requirements of different customers.

  • High electrical impedance eddy current series

    Anti Eddy Current Assemblies

    Under the trend of high speed and high frequency, NdFeb and SmCo magnets have low resistivity, resulting in eddy current loss and high heat generation. At present, there is no practical solution to substantially increase the resistivity of magnets.
    By increasing the resistance of the  assemblies , the Magnet Power team effectively reduced the eddy current effect, reducing heat output and reducing magnetic losses.