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The permanent magnets used in high-speed motors are usually cylinders or rings. On the premise of uniform magnetic field orientation and controlled deformation, Press- to-shape technology is able to save raw materials and reduce costs. Magnet Power has been successfully provided rings and cylinders (diameters between 50-120mm) for high-speed motors.
Rare-earth permanent magnets SmCo and NdFeB exhibit high remanence characteristics, more importantly, they have high coercivities. This makes them much more resistant to demagnetization than Alnico or ferrite. SmCo is much more thermally stable than NdFeB which also suffers from corrosion issues. Therefore, High properties SmCo, high temperature SmCo and high temperature stable SmCo of Magnet Power have been used for different types of high speed motors.
The operation temperature of NdFeB magnets AH grades is always ≤240℃,and which of the high properties SmCo (e.g. 30H) is always ≤350℃. However,the high temperature SmCo(T series of Magnet power)with maximum operation temperature of 550℃ can be used in much harsher environment.
To encase permanent magnets in stainless steel, titanium alloy, glass-fibre or carbon-fibre, the understanding of the physical properties of different materials, accurate calculations and precise control are very important. Due to operation at extremely high speeds (>10000RPM), permanent magnets have to withstand great centrifugal force. However, the tensile strength of the permanent magnets is very low (NdFeB : ~75MPa, SmCo: ~35MPa). Therefore, the assembly technology of Magnet Power is well to ensure the strength of the permanent magnet rotor.
Electric motors are the heart of industry. Generators in power plants, pumps in heating systems, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners, car starter motors, wiper motors, etc. are all driven by motors. Since the invention of samarium cobalt, the performance of permanent magnet materials has been greatly improved, and rare earth permanent magnet motors have developed rapidly.
Magnet Power Technology manufactures high-performance NdFeB magnets,GBD NdFeB magnets, high properties SmCo, high temperature SmCo, high temperature stable SmCo, and magnetic assemblies for different permanent motors.
Magnet Power Technology applies extensive experience in the design of magnets for permanent motors and our know-how in the materials structure, process and properties. Our engineering team will be able to work with our customers to design suitable solutions for different applications. Our high-performance permanent magnets and assemblies allow us to produce high quality, low cost motors.
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