Discussion on the application of mechanical automation in machinery manufacturing

1.1 Smart

The converging interaction between 5G and mechanisation is just around the corner. For example, artificially intelligent machines will replace traditional manual manufacturing, saving costs and resources, while enabling higher quality and more efficient products.

1.2 Integrated automation

The use of various tools for collecting information and manufacturing machinery, for example, calculators for data collection, analysis, filtering and processing of a project and then forming it into a whole, can greatly improve the efficiency of production and labour efficiency of the enterprise, while also reducing costs.

1.3 Virtual machine automation

The incorporation of computerised manufacturing drawings such as CAD completes the traditional human drawing process by moving to computer simulation. This has increased the variety of products available to meet the complex and changing needs of the market, allowing for rapid adaptation and results so that products can be brought to market quickly.

Post time: Dec-22-2022