Grain Boundary Diffusion

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● Mass production of high-performance NdFeB magnets with magnetic properties (BH) max+Hcj≥75, such as grades of G45EH, G48EH, G50UH, G52UH.

● Cost of GBD magnets is lower than that produced by conventional technology by more than 20%.

● Magnet Power team has developed both spraying and PVD processes. And we have mature technological processes and strict management systems.

● The GBD technology is suitable for NdFeB materials with a thickness of less than 10mm.

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Production Process of GBD magnets

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For good distribution of HRE at NdFeB grain boundaries. It is possible to develop high coceivity and not decrease Ms too much. G48EH,G52UH,G54SH grades, which are difficult developed by alloy technology, are produced by GBD technology. The quality of these magnets is determined by the structure of the magnets.

Grian Boundary Diffusion(GBD) Sintered NdFeB


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