H Series Sm2Co17

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The Curie temperature of Sm2Co17 material is approximately 820°C ,with lower magnetic temperature coefficient. Sm2Co17 magnets have a huge application market in high temperature service environment. At present, Magnet Power has made 32H of Sm2Co17 magnets(Br≥1.14T)stable&massive production.

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H series Sm2Co17


Comparison of magnetic energy product

≥150˚C, Sm2Co17 30H ≥ NdFeB 38AH

≥120˚C, Sm2Co17 32H ≥ NdFeB 38AH

1. Good demagnetization resistance up to 350℃

2. Better corrosion resistance than that of NdFeB

3. High magnetic properties at high temperatures (150-350℃)


H series Sm2Co17 has been widely applied in automotive, aerospace and high speed motors industry, and exhibits excellent stability at temperature ≤350 ℃;

Magnetic Properties of Sintered H serious Sm2Co17

h series

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